MSA National Conference 2017
The Role of the Montessori Teacher
18 March 2017
At the Institute of Education, UCL

The Role of the Montessori Teacher
“…  things about children and for children are only learnt from children …” (Malaguzzi in Edwards, 2012:30)

It is significant that some 70 years after Montessori formulated her pedagogy, Loris Malaguzzi, director of the nursery schools in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy, came to re-iterate Montessori’s own belief in childrens capacity to lead us towards a deeper understanding of their learning. In the 1948 introduction to the Discovery of the Child Montessori writes from Poona “…the development of my work and the conclusions reached from the revelations given by the children in our schools have surpassed our fondest expectation.” In 2016 Montessori practitioners continue to learn from children by listening, observing and provoking learning in the carefully prepared environments.

This years MSA conference gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own learning from the children of today and what it really means to our practice. We hope to tease out some of the challenges which Montessori presents in her writing to our practice today and explore   the riches which are offered to us by children as we guide them in “… the development of the great potentialities of the human personality in the course of its formation.” (Montessori, 1948)

The conference programme aims to remind participants of the key tasks of the Montessori teachers and early years practitioners today. It will explore the unique features of learning along the planes of development as identified by Maria Montessori. It will give a voice to Montessori educators who will share their experience of working with the children and colleagues in their schools and nurseries. It is also vital to hear the “voice of the child”, and we would like to thank the children from Montessori Primary schools who have agreed to come and share their views and experiences.

Montessori St Nicholas and the Montessori Schools Association, the organisers of the Conference, hope you will enjoy the day and we look forward to seeing you at the Institute of Education, University College London.

Barbara Isaacs, Chief Education Officer, Montessori St Nicholas Charity

Speakers include:

  • Jan Dubiel, Early Excellence
  • Barbara Isaacs, Montessori St Nicholas Charity
  • Jeremy Clarke, Montessori Centre International
  • Annamaria Guild, Montessori practitioner
  • Katarzyna Szewenko, Woodentots Montessori Nature Nursery
  • Rita Skitt, Oxford Montessori Forest Farm
  • Sam Sims, Meadows Montessori
  • Danielle Hignett, Holly Tree Montessori


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