Parents' Reflection on Montessori Education

Children's Reflection on their Montessori Primary Education

“It gives you the freedom to choose.”

“Your talents get singled out.”

“You don’t judge people for what level they’re at. You just judge them for how hard they’re working.”

“Everyone should be given the chance to come to somewhere like this! The best primary school you could go to!”

“There’s so much diversity. The memories are amazing!”

“Once I explained what our school was like, they said how come I didn’t go there?!”

“Everything here has helped me a lot.”

“I wasn’t afraid to go and ask for help from the teachers.”

“It really sets you up for the rest of your life.”

“A Montessori education in your younger years really gives you confidence and independence as a person in your own right.”

Parents' Reflections of their Children's Montessori Experiences

“You can always tell a Montessori child because they’ll say, Mummy can I touch that can I smell that?

“Experiencing the joy of becoming a father and seeing my children s growth potential helped me to decide to study to become a teacher.”

“I think early years teaching is really worth considering for a career break returning Mum.”

“I love the creativity and how each child is allowed to express their own interests individually.”

“It’s not one size fits all.”

“Once I have my own children, I’ll be able to apply what I learn to them too.”

“You’re forming these positive, confident young, successful people of the future.”

“Montessori brought her out of her shell and gave my daughter amazing confidence. She blossomed.”

“As a parent, you look at the Montessori method and learn a bit more about parenting.”

“It’s perfect for my son and family. I can see the results already.”

“The course also enabled me to become a better mother!”

“My own family has benefitted massively from Montessori. It is the most encouraging and nurturing form of education there is.”

Both my daughter and son attended a Montessori nursery.   I looked everywhere in our area before choosing this one.   We chose this one  because of the respect and dignity with which each child is treated.

Sandhya Bhattachaye

My child’s  Montessori nursery is an incredibly supportive and nurturing environment for children to develop both emotionally and educationally.   The staff are fantastic, caring and giving of their time.   My daughter loves coming to the nursery every day. I am proud of the confidence and skills my child has developed in her time at the nursery and I am grateful for the support I have received as a parent.

H.K. Green