Agreed Values of MSN

“Once an organisation has identified its core values, it needs to identify the behaviours that will enable them to be lived. These must then be embedded in a culture in which feedback is skilfully given and met with an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to learn and grow.” Guardian 2013

These are the organisation-wide agreed values for Montessori St Nicholas:

ValuesCore BehaviourIntended Outcomes
ProfessionalismMSN representing best Early Years practice.A more confident and more able Montessori community in the UK able to provide effective support to professionals and whose advice is widely sought.
Integrity, respect and honestyBehaving with integrity, valuing others opinions and respecting truthful observations.Building a respected and respectful community of professional staff and parent stakeholders where relationships are based on trust.
AccountabilityTransparency and openness, effective communication within and from the MSN organisation.Improved shared awareness of the work of MSN and a willingness to be held accountable leading to a shared vision of how MSN can and will evolve.
InclusivenessWelcoming, friendly, non-judgemental, sharing, respectful, open organisation.A Montessori community of diversity that understands, respects and welcomes difference.
ConsistencyEffective communication, team work commitment, self-reflective, reliable members and staff.An organisation in which there is strong teamwork leading to successful projects that gain national recognition for their relevance and rigour.