Aims and Objectives

Montessori St Nicholas (MSN) exists to encourage and promote education in every way, in particular the education of children in accordance with the philosophy and methods of the late Dr. Maria Montessori. By facilitating the unification of the Montessori movement across the UK, providing relevant training and funding research into the value and effectiveness of Montessori education, and making awards to support the development of Montessori education.


The Charity’s mission can be summarised as aiming to:

  • Provide and sustain national quality assured and accredited Montessori teacher training in the UK and abroad;
  • Support charitable projects that help extend awareness of the benefits of Montessori education;
  • Support schools and teachers in membership of the MSA through training and operational advice;
  • Promote and extend the national accreditation system to Montessori schools across the UK;
  • Conduct research into the effectiveness of Montessori education and evaluate all MSN services to ensure the highest levels of delivery;
  • Encourage unity within a broad Montessori church a unity that accepts difference but promotes similarities.