The MSA Advisory Council was renamed in 2015 and given a revised set of objectives. The essential purposes of the MSA Advisory Council are to

  • Provide information and advice to MSN’s executive and trustees on how best to support Montessori settings and schools in the UK
  • Foster effective communication within the Montessori movement throughout the United Kingdom and to provide support and guidance to members and their schools, irrespective of size, premises or financial position.
  • Achieve, through its professional support, higher standards and increased credibility within the movement for the benefit of the children in our schools via Montessori practitioners.
  • Continue to develop and support an accountable and respectful community that represents quality Montessori provision in the UK.

Currently there are 9 regions, each with a Chair and Deputy Chair, and two specialist groups: primary and childminders. Their role is to facilitate communication on best practice and recent developments in early years’ education to members through termly meetings.

The present Chairs and Deputies are:

Who’s Who in the MSA

Relationships with the Montessori St Nicholas (MSN) Charity

MSA is one of four key frontline operational units within MSN alongside Montessori Centre International (MCI), Montessori Education Centres and MSN Charity itself. The Trustees, executive, staff and the volunteer officers of the MSA work together to recognise, affirm and celebrate each party’s expertise and achievements.

The Trustees set the overall strategy of MSN, working closely with the Chief Executive Officer, for all the operational units, including that of the MSA. This is usually expressed in the form of three year Strategic Plans. The current plan covers the period 2017 – 2020. The MSA Advisory Council has no executive powers since these are vested in the Trustee Board.

The Chair and two other nominated members of the MSA Advisory Council sit on the governance Montessori Education Committee (MEC). This Committee is chaired by a Trustee and its remit is to broadly oversee the work of MSA and Montessori Centre International. The role of the Advisory Council Chair and members is to report back to MEC on work done to date, with issues, reflections and recommendations of improving the services offered to MSA members.