Region 7 Contact

Chair: Sandra  Pidgeon
Deputy: Liz Byatt
Tel: 01179 686960
Counties: Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, and Wales

On the 14th October the South West and Wales region had a fabulous and inspiring day at Stoke Bishop Montessori School on 14th with a workshop led by Lynnette Brock taking a refreshing look at children’s development of mathematical understanding.

Lynette helped us to explore the characteristics of ‘flow’ in children’s play and to understand how a child’s full immersion in activities develops their love of learning. We were helped to understand how to recognise and understand children’s schemes and schemas. We then looked at how we could plan effectively from children’s schemes and schemas by seeding the environment to support children’s consolidation and application of these mathematical schemes and schemas during their free flow play.

In groups we looked at the mathematical potential of many practical life and sensorial materials. From this we developed may ideas for supporting and extending children’s mathematical understanding through their emergent schemes and schemas.

Southwest England and Wales Meetings

Saturday 7 July 2018 – Listening to the Child with Penny Johns

10.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.
Aims of the session
• To consider what a listening culture is and why it is important?
• To explore how we can listen to young children why it is important.
• To discuss some of the challenges to listening effectively
• To explore ‘sustained shared thinking’ in relation to listening
• To consider how we can put listening into practice – techniques from the Mosaic approach
• The listening cycle – using the voices of children to involve children as active participants in action research in the setting
• To think about these ideas in relation to characteristics of effective practice

The session will include plenty of time for discussion and small group work. Practitioners will be encouraged to draw on practical experience in their own settings. Examples and case studies of using listening techniques to effect change within settings will be shared.

Useful websites, readings and audit tools will be shared on an interactive resource board that will be emailed to participants.

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