Region 5  Contact

Chair: Randa William
Deputy: Fiona Brissenden
Tel: 01622892454
Counties: Sussex, Kent

As teachers we continually give of ourselves and rightly so as we contribute to tomorrows generation. We impact on who our children become, what they think they can be and do. As we give out, naturally we need something to come back in.

Through Continued Professional development , learning and being inspired by new ideas, taking time to pause, learn and reflect allows us to also be the best we can be. Truly reflective practitioners is key to our own personal development.

In the Kent and East Sussex region we have arranged the following over the last year:

  • Positive Language
  • Lego therapy
  • Child Protection
  • First Aid Paediatric
  • Nuero developmental disorders.

These events are always followed by time. Time to share, listen, reflect over lunch in a supportive environment.

Please email me, Randa William for more information on our events at 

Southeast Meetings

The next Southeast Region meeting will be on Saturday 26th January, at Children’s House, Birling. 

Looking at Sensory Processing, join Stella Parkinson, a highly specialist paediatric occupational therapist to investigate:

  • What do we mean by sensory?
  • What is sensory processing?
  • What do sensory processing difficulties look like?
  • Practical (how does it feel?)
  • What can we do to help – practical strategies for education

The meeting will take place from 10:00 to 13:00, at Children’s House Montessori, Birling, West Malling, ME19 5JG. Book your tickets here – or get in touch with the membership team directly for more information.


Speech and Language Training, 10 March 2019

10am – 12pm, followed by lunch. Book your place here.

Join MSA and Meg Dodd to explore typical language development in the pre-school years, covering:

  • What is Speech and Language Therapy? To include what we can assess and how we do this
  • General language development advice, and how to support a child who may be delayed
  • When to make a referral to Speech and Language Team services
  • When to suggest an independent Speech and Language Team and what the differences between independent and NHS services might be
  • When do you need a ‘Specialist’ or ‘Highly Specialist’ Speech and Language Team?
  • Other team members who may need to be involved.


Early identification of children with special and additional needs

11 May 2019, 9am – 2pm. Book your place here. 

The objective of this training is to help you identify and implement appropriate early intervention and special educational support for children to help them reach their full potential. To be able to use a graduated approach effectively to support children and implement robust monitoring and record keeping systems.