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Art Every Day, Creative adventures with Deb Hoy
Joint meeting with Middlesex, Oxon and Bucks Region
4 November 2017

Deb Hoy started the day with an inspiring presentation about the importance of creativity and art for both children and adults. This sparked discussions and we shared our thoughts, ideas and opinions within the group. The opportunity to do this and network with other professionals is an important reason for me to attend these meetings.  Next we got to tap into our own creativity by building trees with a variety of materials. It was relaxing and enjoyable and quite frankly a luxury to be given time to (re)discover the joy and wonder of being creative. I’m going back to my setting with an increased confidence in my own artistic abilities, having tried and tested several water colour techniques. Furthermore, I have come away from the training with tips, inspiration, and a recipe for homemade water colour paint. We finished the day with a reflection and we made an action list of projects to implement in our settings. Top of my list is a collaborative project painting a backdrop for our Christmas production. 

Sanne Aldrich
Reception Teacher

‘It was indeed a joy to hold this event together.  Those who attended valued the opportunity to come together as a Montessori community.’Rosie Roberts

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