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Chair: Ruth Palmer
Deputy: TBC
Tel:  07703724155
Counties: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire

What a fantastic day Region 3 had on 13th May led by Lynnette Brock and John Siraj-Blatchford. We were warmly welcomed by Hannah and Georgie from Peacock Montessori Nursery in Stuston who were perfect hosts throughout the day.

The topic of the day was “A Fresh Perspective on Maths” and John and Lynnette gave us a most inspiring, thought provoking and informative day, incorporating their work on the zone of proximal developmental flow and the difference between schemes and schemas. They explained how recognizing schema in children’s play can help educators work out when and how to support children’s learning and development in maths. They also discussed the importance of seeding the environment to support children’s consolidation and application of schemas in maths and the value of the work cycle and free-flow play. There were case studies, hands on activities/challenges as well as videos and discussion points.

We had a delicious hot lunch and the opportunity to chat over current nursery topics (such as Early Years Funding) with familiar faces.

One of the activities we tried was making a water clock to measure time. This was experienced by The Meadows Montessori Primary Year 1 pupils the very next week, as the photos show. They had to form a lump of plasticine into a bowl shape and then use various implements to create different sized holes in the bottom. This was then placed in a bowl of water and the time it took for it to sink was measured – the bigger the hole the faster it sank.

If you would like to find out more, John and Lynnette’s book, ‘Putting the Schema back into Schema Theory and Practice: An Introduction to SchemaPlay’ is available from

East Anglia Meetings

Our next training day will be held at The Meadows Montessori Primary School in Ipswich the 18th November on “Creative Arts” with Lisa Elvish.  For more details, click below link

MSA East Anglia Meeting Nov 2017