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Montessori for over fives

The value of Montessori education for young children has been recognised for over a century in the United Kingdom. It is increasingly being recognised as equipping older children for the challenges of the 21st century by promoting free thinking, self-motivation and independent learning across the curriculum as well as providing a sound basis for learning in literacy and numeracy.

Montessori schools achieve this balance between high levels of achievement and the confidence to be independent learners by enabling children to follow their natural development.

In a Montessori primary school, the children no longer just choose what to work with, as they did in their Montessori nursery. They are empowered to manage a weekly plan with activities both of which they negotiate with their teacher. They are given weekly tasks in literacy, numeracy and the sciences. Each child can choose when to complete their tasks, and when these are completed, the child has another tutorial discussion with their teacher to plan more work. As in the nursery, this gives each child the opportunity to manage their activities, but as they grow older the management of time and tasks becomes more complex and embraces all curricular activities and subjects.

The Montessori primary curriculum fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and goes well beyond this in many subjects.

Montessori St Nicholas has been working closely with four state primary schools to introduce Montessori to their foundation stage and this will soon be expanded further up the schools. Find out more about the State School Projects

To download the booklet ‘ Reach Further’ explaining the benefits of continuing in a Montessori environment till the end of primary school Click here

MSA Primary region had a great turnout at The Gower School, Islington, on Saturday 7th October for their Autumn term CPD day.

MSA Primary chair and hosting school Principal Emma Gowers welcomed the eager delegates and introduced South African educational psychologist Dr Lyn Thijsse.

As promised, Dr Thijsse, an inspiring and thought provoking speaker, worked through a range of neuro developmental disorders relevant to the practitioners present. Feedback from the event has been 100% positive, the information was interesting and essential to the modern Montessorian. Lyn talked about the Eureka Learning Systems programme she has developed, which several London Montessori schools have taken up with amazing results for their children, including Rose House and The Gower School. Lyn will be running the ELS therapists course again next Spring.

Tours of The Gower School Montessori Primary proved popular too.

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