The Montessori Schools Association (MSA) holds a database of its school and individual members, who commit to the MSA Code of practice and pay an annual subscription to the organisation.

Many MSA childminders, nurseries and schools also commit to the continued reflection on, and improvement of their practice, these are the settings which have received Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB) accreditation and are proud to publicise their success by using their MEAB accreditation logo.   They are identified by this logo in our database.


The MEAB accreditation scheme has been in operation since 2008 and most of the nurseries that participated in the pilot programme have now engaged in three accreditation cycles. Over the years they have been joined by many other settings as the reputation of the scheme gained the respect of parents, Ofsted inspectors and the Montessori community.

The majority of the MSA settings are nurseries, although over the years a growing number are now offering Montessori primary provision and some are childminders. This information is included in the schools listing.   Most settings are privately owned with a handful operating as community interest companies and charities.

The contact details are as up to date as the information we have been given. If you find a listing that is incorrect, please let us know on 020 7493 8300.

*Montessori schools have requested that companies do not contact them directly as they are not happy to receive unsolicited mail. If you do wish to reach the Montessori schools please do so via the Charity. For further information contact the team on

All the MSA settings in England and Scotland are also registered with, and inspected by, Ofsted or HMI (Scotland) and reports will be available on the respective websites: and


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