MSA Childminder Contact

Chair: Dorothy Williams
Deputy: Kremena Gavrilova
Tel: 02076372697
Montessori Childminders in the United Kingdom

The MSA childminder network was formed three years ago as part of MSA. Our network members meet three to four times in a calendar year and the meetings are held nationwide at childminder settings. Currently we have 40 members, including the chair and deputy chair. Our members collectively agree on the agenda of our meetings and we have topical discussions related to Montessori practice, as well as the latest government legislations and policies that may affect our home-based practices.

Being part of the network gives our members the opportunity to meet other home-based Montessori practitioners and to see different childminding settings in order to exchange ideas and experiences. The minutes of our meetings are circulated to our members, so if any matters or questions are raised from previous meetings it can be further discussed.

The MSA childminder network’s aim is also to encourage our members towards MEAB accreditation in future through more practical support and workshops.

If you’re a Montessori qualified childminder and you would like to join our enthusiastic and vibrant group of home-based practitioners, please contact Dorothy Williams (Chair) at

Dorothy Williams has taken on the role of Network Chair in January 2018, she runs Busy Bumblebees Montessori in London, an Outstanding Childminding setting, and is also completing her B. Ed. Her setting uses Montessori philosophies and practices based around outdoor play within inner London to develop strength and co-ordination, helping connect children with nature and exploration to build everyday life skills for the world around them. The Deputy Chair is now Kremena Gavrilova.

Childminder Network Meetings

The meetings are held across the country so we get the experience of visiting each others settings.

Saturday 17th March 2018  Childminders Network Meeting after the conference 4.30pm in the Drama studio where we have previously held the meeting. Come along if you are interested in starting childminding or you are a student studying and are not sure what to do when you have finished.

Saturday 23 June 2018 Devon Drakes Montessori Childcare. 

Saturday 6th October 2018 Now at Sounique Child, 16 Rydal Road, Streatham Park, London SW16 1QN