For Parents

The knowledge that an accredited school:

  • fulfils the criteria of high quality Montessori provision
  • is expected to meet national regulatory standards
  • demonstrates effective links with parents.

The Montessori Schools Association web pages flag up accredited settings and link to their reports so that parents can get a better idea of the quality offered.

I think MEAB is a huge reassurance for parents.

For Children

Accreditation is awarded to schools that:

  • trust and respect a child’s need to learn through freedom of choice
  • have a prepared learning environment that supports a child’s natural path of development
  • acknowledge each child’s individuality within the context of their own family.

The accreditation ensures that schools using the Montessori name …  offer the high quality education it stands for. This can only result in being an advantage to the children.

For Students and Teachers

  • reassurance that the school is expected to have qualified Montessori teachers leading the learning
  • knowing that the prepared environment is of sufficient quality to support the child
  • membership of the Montessori Schools Association – the professional body that supports Montessori schools and staff in the UK
  • expectation that the school is committed to the continuing professional development of all staff members. MCI now looks to place students in MEAB accredited schools.

…our children seem happier and our environment feels more harmonious . It has been an opportunity to reflect on my own career and revisit my reasons for choosing the Montessori path. Being part of good Montessori practice and watching how it enriches the lives of children has brought me tremendous personal satisfaction and thanks to the MEAB accreditation scheme many more lives can be as richly rewarded.

For Schools

  • Credibility: the knowledge that your genuine Montessori practice is recognised
  • Cohesion: the opportunity to belong to a national body that is committed to the delivery of high quality care and education and to enjoy additional benefits offered through the Montessori St Nicholas Charity and the membership of the MSA
  • Award-winning: having the verification of MEAB to differentiate your setting as a genuine Montessori school, with the logo, certificate and website listing to support this differentiation.

MEAB accreditation provides a cost-effective and straightforward way of demonstrating to parents, Ofsted, local authorities and staff that the school is committed to on-going self-appraisal and quality improvement.

MEAB Flyer                                      MEAB Information Leaflet