MEAB Assessors Training in January 2018

Qualifications of MEAB assessors:

MEAB Assessors are graduates with Montessori qualifications. They have a minimum five years’ Montessori classroom experience, and most of them have Montessori school management experience. Some of our assessors are also proprietors of Montessori schools. Many of them have participated in early years inspections for Ofsted and several are trained ISI early years inspectors.


Our assessors initially received specialist training endorsed by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), and agree to attend at least two MEAB training events each year to ensure that our procedures are consistent, current and relevant to the needs of the Montessori community. During the academic year 2010/11 the assessors undertook further training by the nationally recognised Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.

Assessor’s role

The role of the assessor is to conduct a peer review of the Montessori practice in a Montessori day-care, nursery, school or home-based setting. They visit the setting twice, evaluate practice following the MEAB criteria at both visits, feed back to the owner/manager and the staff, make recommendations to the setting and prepare a written report of each accreditation visit. The recommendations, as contained within the written report, are subject to review by MEAB’s Report Monitoring Group and the reports are validated by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board which meets twice a year.

The assessors are monitored and supported by the Report Monitoring Group. They are expected to use digital technology before, during and after their visit. All the assessors are appointed for a period of three years and are self-employed.

MEAB Assessor Profiles

To become an assessor

If you are interested in becoming a MEAB assessor, please email your current CV to Michele Dows-Miller

We will hold your CV on file; it will be considered by the interview panel prior to the next assessor training session. All our assessors are interviewed by a panel, appointed by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board and invited to undertake relevant training, following which they will be mentored by one of the current assessors.