Are you, or is someone you know expecting a baby? Join our free online course to learn about welcoming a newborn into the family the Montessori way. We will look at pregnancy through to bringing the baby home and beyond, plus we will cover welcoming a sibling into the family.

The course starts on 1 November, where we’ll explore the Montessori approach for welcoming a newborn into the family. The course will cover:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breaking the news and preparation
  • Birth and welcoming the newborn/sibling home
  • First weeks, adjusting, getting support
  • Longer term adjustment

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Who is it for?

The course is ideal for parents, carers and extended family members who are preparing for a new addition to the family. The content has been hand-crafted by Laura Heap who wrote the course whilst pregnant with her second child. This course also includes a free global Montessori stories area where participants are encouraged to share their stories and experiences of adding another member to the family.

Open Learning Montessori

This is the third course in our brand-new series of free Montessori online courses. All courses have been designed for busy people. You can access content from your laptop, mobile or tablet whenever it suits you – there is no pressure to meet a deadline or completion date.

What support will I receive?

Our e-learning team and tutors provide free on-going support as well as global collaborative learning by connecting international students with each other.

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