Sharing Maria Montessori’s Pioneering Approach to Education

In September 2019, UK Montessori training providers will come together to deliver The Montessori Conference 2019 and share the continued contemporary relevance of a Montessori approach to education at all stages.

The QEII Centre will host around 750 Montessori practitioners, nursery managers, school leaders and parents to hear from globally recognised speakers including Montessori expert and psychology professor Dr Angeline Lillard.

Dr Lillard will present her latest research on the long-term outcomes of Montessori schooling. She will be joined by Educational Neuroscientist, Professor Michael Thomas, who will consider recent evidence on sensitive periods in brain development and how these stages link to the concepts underpinning the Montessori approach.

Breakout sessions include a practical seminar on mastering literacy led by Professor Chloë Marshall; a talk on the adolescent as an agent of change by academic Jenny Marie Högland and session on the benefits of the Montessori approach for ageing and dementia care by Montessori dementia consultant Anne Kelly.

Maria Montessori found that children can learn for themselves and the role of the educator is to guide, and create an appropriate environment that enables them to do this. She also found that self-awareness and mental well-being are linked to how children learn. Marking the 100-year milestone of Montessori training in the UK, Montessori Centre International (MCI), Maria Montessori Institute (MMI), Bournemouth Montessori Centre (BMC) and The Montessori Partnership (MP),  will all come together to share knowledge of the innovative and child-centred nature of the Montessori approach.

The teacher training colleges aim to raise awareness of how relevant Maria Montessori’s approach is today. A Montessori start supports children to develop a life-long love of learning, grow into critical thinkers, and become active citizens and custodians of the world in which they live.

The Montessori Conference will take place on Saturday 28th September 2019, at 10:00 – 16:30 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE. For tickets visit   





About Dr Angeline Lillard:  Professor Angeline Lillard is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. She is the Director of the Early Development Laboratory, one of four Child Development laboratories in the Psychology Department at the University. Angeline is an expert in Montessori Education and the author of Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius, which is in its third edition and was awarded the Cognitive Development Society Book Award in 2006. Her other areas of expertise are pretend play, and more generally, how participating in fictional worlds influences people. She is a Fellow of both the Association of Psychological Science and the American Psychological Association.

About Professor Michael Thomas: Michael Thomas has been Director of the University of London Centre for Educational Neuroscience since 2010. This cross-institutional research centre aims to advance translational research between neuroscience and education, and develop practical applications within education. In 2003, Michael established the Developmental Neurocognition Laboratory within Birkbeck’s world-leading Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development. He is author of over 120 scientific papers, books, and chapters. Michael is a Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. Recently, he has created a new website for parents and teachers explaining in accessible terms how the brain works, and how this is important for understanding the mind:

About Montessori Centre International (MCI)

Montessori Centre International (MCI) is an international provider of Montessori and Early Years Training and has trained 4,000 students over 20 years. MCI offers a range of nationally recognised qualifications including the Cache Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy – birth to seven (Early Years Educator) aswell as a new BA (Hons) Degree in Montessori Early Childhood Practice. Our blended learning approach combines face-to-face and online learning using our innovative Virtual Learning Environment. We also provide courses for childminders and parents, and free online open learning courses. MCI is part of Montessori St Nicholas, a UK charity that carries out social impact work, a membership programme and since 2008, an accreditation and evaluation board which guarantees the quality of Montessori settings.

About Maria Montessori Institute (MMI)

The Maria Montessori Institute promotes and delivers authentic Montessori education, as first developed by Maria Montessori. It is the only UK training provider to deliver the Association Montessori International (AMI) Diploma, an internationally recognised qualification. The courses delivered by the Maria Montessori Institute have evolved directly from those first delivered by Dr Montessori and her son Mario between 1919 and 1951.The Maria Montessori Institute offers a Degree in Montessori Pedagogy (AMI 3-6) in collaboration with the University of East London, AMI Diploma courses and AMI Assistants courses renowned for their academic excellence. It also runs five exemplar Montessori schools in London for children aged 2 to 12.

About Bournemouth Montessori Centre (BMC)

Bournemouth Montessori Centre provides authentic Montessori training for local, national and international students in our Centre on the south coast of England. We offer a unique opportunity to study in small face to face groups. BMC runs full and part time Montessori Diploma courses incorporating Early Years Educator. We also house an authentic and accredited Montessori Children’s House from birth to six years. BMC are trustees and council members of Montessori Education UK, a national standards body for Montessori education in this country.

About The Montessori Partnership

The Montessori Partnership’s teacher training is just three removes from that delivered by Maria Montessori and remains true to her thinking and practice even as it evolves to meet the needs of modern children. Courses are face-to-face or a combination of flexible and open learning. We award nationally recognised qualifications, offer CPD and parent workshops, and are enriched by our international student body. With individualised support our students realise their potential to become reflective, observant and practised Montessori professionals. The Montessori Partnership is a council member of Montessori Education (UK).

About Blossom Educational
As a group of Nursery owners, managers and tech guys, we understand the real issues nurseries face. Our mission is to allow practitioners to spend more time with children. Blossom makes lives easier enabling you to easily log, track and analyse children’s activities and learning through the touch of a button. As nursery owners, we also knew there needed to be a solid system for owners and directors to carry our finance related tasks. We set out to change this. Information can be shared with parents at the click of a button helping your setting Blossom to ‘Outstanding’. If you would like to find out more information please contact us through