Statement from Board of Trustees on future of Broughton Cottage and Longacre nurseries
Statement by Kevin Coyne, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Montessori St Nicholas.

The Board of Trustees, regrets to announce that following a thorough review process considering every available alternative, we have taken the difficult decision to close both Broughton Cottage and Longacre nurseries. We are likely to close Broughton Cottage from 2nd November 2018 and Longacre from 21st December 2018.

The decision to close the nurseries has not been taken lightly. Since Montessori St Nicholas acquired the nurseries in 2013, substantial amounts of charitable funds and staff resources have been invested in an attempt to turn them into self-sustaining facilities which, in turn, could have contributed towards our social impact programmes. Despite our best efforts, income raised has continued to be insufficient and the Board of Trustees has had to recognise that both nurseries are not viable on a standalone basis, and we can no longer sustain them to the detriment of our other projects.

We understand the disruption this will cause for children and staff alike and are determined to offer all the support we can. Our immediate concern is that the children are well cared for during this period of change and we will be providing parents with all the practical assistance required to find alternative childcare arrangements.

We understand that this closure announcement is unexpected. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our nursery staff over the last five years and wish them all the best for the future.