This week, the Department for Education announced two new schemes to support early language development.

The programmes will aim to work with parents and build their conference to support their children in language and reading at an early stage.

The first project run by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) will receive £5 million to support parents with practical steps such as reading and singing, while the government will commit a further £8.5million into a new early years peer review with the Local Government Association. The project will see councils working together to improve language outcomes for disadvantaged children.

Speaking about the new schemes, Barbara Isaacs, Chief Education Officer at Montessori St Nicholas, said: ‘We welcome the new government initiatives to boost young children’s language skills. Research evidence continues to demonstrate the need for such schemes despite several successful language initiates such as Every Child a Talker.

‘Developing effective oral language is a vital prerequisite to lifelong use of language.  All children should be helped in achieving effective communication skills. From the Montessori perspective, the work with children and their families during their first three years of life in developing language skills is highly beneficial because children are sensitive to acquisition of language.’

The EEF will first trial projects in the north of England exploring what works best for young children before they reach school and the support they receive from adults.

Speaking about the support young children receive, Barbara added: ‘The role of adults, particularly parents, is vitally important in ensuring children hear language spoken at home and have opportunities to express their ideas, thought and emotions.’