Montessori St Nicholas holds its fourth annual MEAB School Leaders Conference 2015

Montessori St Nicholas, the leading charity for Montessori in the UK, is excited to announce their fourth annual Montessori Evaluation and  Accreditation Board (MEAB)  School Leaders Conference at the Institute of Education, London.

The MEAB School Leaders conference focuses on the work of the MEAB scheme which launched in 2008 and is has accredited around 175  Montessori schools.

The conference is aimed at owners and managers of MEAB accredited settings. The day offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on current Montessori and Ofsted initiatives. The latest Montessori schools to be accredited will also receive their awards.

Based around the theme of Leadership, MEAB welcomes, for the very first time, an Ofsted Early Years HMI to focus on the new CommonInspection Framework and examine the process of preparing for an Ofsted inspection.

The conference  will also reflect on leadership skills with a presentation by Dr Stephen Tommis and a further presentation on Helping Children to Manage Risk by Michelle Wisbey, Proprietor of five Montessori nurseries.

Dr Stephen Tommis, Montessori CEO says, The Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board scheme is highly regarded both in the UK and overseas for its role in leading the Montessori community towards best practice.

“The MEAB scheme has flourished and builds on Montessoris excellent track record in education. MEAB accreditation is testimony to the dedication of our schools and teachers that they are committed to putting best Montessori practice at the heart of their setting. Awareness for the scheme is growing. More and more parents now look at the Montessori Schools Association web list to check if a setting is MEAB accredited.

Notes to Editors:

MEAB was introduced in 2008 to raise standards within the Montessori Schools Association and puts best practice at the heart of what it does.   The key objective is to create an accreditation body with the capacity to guide and support Montessori schools, nurseries and day-care provision committed to continued professional development and high quality Montessori practice.

  • Montessori was created by Dr Maria Montessori in the 1900s. She was Italys first female doctor.
  • Montessori offers a child-centred, holistic pedagogy. Based on the belief that a childs early yearsfrom birth to sixare the period where the greatest academic and social learning potential exists.
  • Montessori delivers on the Early Years Foundation Stage and shares all its underlying principles.
  • Learning materials are freely available and everything reflects a commitment to quality and to the childrens ability to do things for themselves.
  • 88% of Montessori schools were rated good or outstanding at their last Ofsted inspection.
  • The majority of the 650+ UK Montessori settings cater for children between the ages of 2 and 5. There are over 22,000 Montessori schools worldwide.
  • Many adults find the experience of stepping into a Montessori classroom quite breath-taking.   It is clean and ordered with an atmosphere of calm and busy concentration.
  • Montessori children tend to be very socially comfortable and confident because they have been encouraged to problem-solve and think independentlymaking it attractive to many parents.