The Montessori Group (comprising of Montessori St Nicholas and MCI) announce changes in how it will support the Montessori community. The aims behind a range of new reforms is to ensure the continued growth of Montessori education, with the changes designed to attract new practitioners and students, engage with those who aren’t currently familiar with the Montessori approach to education and offer a more connected Montessori community.


Free Montessori Network

Montessori St Nicholas charity will offer a new free Montessori network, which will be open to everyone – teachers, parents, carers – anyone with an interest in Montessori.  The new network will provide information and activities on the Montessori approach, with the shift in the current structure aiming to make Montessori more accessible and inclusive, regardless of training or background.

Professional Membership

Montessori Centre International will also operate a professional membership body, which will provide a platform for qualified Montessori practitioners and students to support and connect with one another. The professional body will receive a number of benefits and offer training and development for practitioners, as well as a revamped Montessori International magazine. CPD will be offered at all levels, from refresher courses through to management and leadership training. The new professional body will act as the professional voice of Montessori community it serves and will provide advice and support to Montessori practitioners. There will be a fee to join the professional body, with free membership available for students.

Montessori settings

Montessori settings will continue to be supported through professional placement approval, with MEAB accreditation (soon to relaunch as Montessori Accreditation International), and through bespoke training packages with MCI tutors, as well as workshops, seminars, online courses and webinars.  

Leonor Stjepic, CEO of the Montessori Group welcomes the changes. ‘Our new membership structures will help to ensure the upwards trajectory of Montessori education. With the introduction of the Montessori Network we’ll be able increase awareness of the benefits of the Montessori approach, and through our professional body we’ll be able to better support Montessori practitioners across the world, who make a difference to children’s lives every day.’

Within these changes, the overall mission of Montessori Group remains the same to:

  • Provide and sustain quality assured and accredited Montessori teacher training
  • Create social impact via the Montessori approach
  • Support the unity of the Montessori movement