Emily ten Kate - 2015

Montessori Practitioner of the Year 2015 Emily ten Kate


Emily ten Kate, Montessori Practitioner of the Year 2015


Montessori St Nicholas, the leading charity for Montessori in the UK is excited to announce Montessori Practitioner of the Year 2015 Emily ten Kate.

The Montessori Schools Association presented the award to Emily ten Kate of Iverna Gardens Montessori School London at the Annual Montessori Schools Association Conference which took place at the Institute of Education on Saturday 21 March.

The award was presented to thank her for touching and transforming the lives of children and adults for more than  ten years.

Emily worked as a qualified teacher in the state sector at Fox Primary School for two years before undertaking her Montessori training at Montessori Centre International London and joining Iverna Gardens Montessori, where she is now Deputy Head.

Emily is  inspirational in her approach and manner, connecting with children because she is loving, fun, gentle, original, knowledgeable and experienced.

Very few people her age have achieved such respect among the parents. Adults listen to and follow her advice. In her workshops, or at school, she is able to find the right words for a confused, distressed or anxious parent. She refuses to criticise parents, aware of the difficulty of parenting and the lack of a manual.

Emily works tirelessly to maintain a vibrant and engaging environment.  New materials are constantly presented to children; latest research discussed and applied. She treats the staff with diplomacy, while making those decisions that need to be made.  Gossip or ill-intentioned comments are prohibited. She knows that a positive atmosphere is what allows children and teachers to thrive. She praises her staff daily, and guides them with dignity and respect.