MCI welcomes new intake of distance learners

Montessori Centre International (MCI) is delighted to welcome a third group of  digital distance  learners to its Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Birth to Seven (Early Years Educator) Level 3 & 4 this May.

Montessori Centre International launched the Early Years Educator Diploma (certified by Cache and Crossfield’s Institute) in September 2014. There are now nearly 250 learners enrolled on the course. The Diploma is delivered on MCI’s own newly developed virtual learning environment with a range of innovative, interactive study resources. Learners are exceptionally well supported technically on the new platform with a specially designed support site, dedicated support email and one on one support sessions bookable on Skype.

One MCI distance learner said,I wasn’t sure if the Distance Learning course would feel too remote but instead I found that the world seems to have shrunk and we are all on this journey of learning together, sharing our thoughts and ideas.

Another MCI distance learner said: The VLE has started as a very positive experience for me. I do feel like a techno-dinosaur but the Moodle and Pathbrite introductory videos have provided extra guidance for those of us unfamiliar with VLE, ensuring that we are all met at the point of our experience and capability.

For the very first time at MCI, face to face and distance learners from across the world communicate, collaborate and are connected within a global virtual classroom.  Learners have their own informal chat forum as well as a more academic forum where they can discuss and share ideas with other learners and their tutors.   Tutors also hold live chat sessions to support learners with their assignments and all learners have Skype tutorials.

The course combines Montessori philosophy and areas of learning with contemporary early childhood practice, child development and observation.   Distance learners study how to work with the Montessori materials at an apparatus workshop and all learners complete a 400 hour professional placement in an approved Montessori setting.

Learners have  two years to successfully complete the course and can then work as Montessori Early Years Educators or continue study towards a Foundation Degree in Montessori Early Childhood Practice (validated by London Metropolitan University). MCI also offers a range of other CPD courses.