MCI receives outstanding report from Schools Inspection Service

Inspection by the  Schools Inspection Service  (SIS) is designed to strengthen the quality of education on offer to students. Inspection takes account of the context of each individual college and of how it evaluates its own performance and demonstrates its success.

The inspection observed that provision at MCI has continued to improve and flourish since the last visit. MCI students were observed as being  highly motivated individuals who were completely satisfied with their choice of Montessori training college. MCI was described as a, ‘welcoming and stimulating environment for students’ with teaching spaces that facilitate ‘co-operative and collaborative learning’.

The SIS inspection report said ‘Students were unreservedly positive about their experience at the college. They spoke of the high quality of teaching they received and the quality of their pastoral care and welfare, which they felt to be exceptional’.

SIS acknowledged MCI’s hard work and dedication in developing the new Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Birth to 7 years (Early Years Educator) to meet the new national criteria. The Diploma is approved by Ofqual on the National Qualifications Framework and meets the full and relevant criteria required for those wishing to enter the workforce as Early Years Educators.

SIS referred to the high standards achieved with the newly developed online virtual learning environment which supports both attending and distance learning Diploma students.