On 8th of March – International Women’s Day – we held an event at the House of Lords to celebrate Maria Montessori and her legacy as an educator. We wanted to raise awareness of Maria Montessori’s pioneering life and the role the Montessori approach has in shaping future leaders and supporting equality. She was an early woman pioneer and this year marks the 100th anniversary of her first official visit to London. 

Maria Montessori was a feminist and a fighter for women’s rights for all of her life and being able to host a reception at the House of Lords to celebrate her life and work on International Women’s Day, 100 years since she first came to the UK, carries special significance for us. 

Lord Nicholas True welcomed leading Montessori professionals and Leonor Stjepic, MSN’s CEO, introduced the day. Speakers included:

Barbara Isaacs, Montessori Global Ambassador, who presented a celebration of Maria Montessori’s life and timeline in a series of images and quotes.

Maria Montessori presentation for International Women’s Day by Barbara Isaacs


Judith Cunningham, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Montessori Model UN, who discussed her work with young people with the Montessori Movement United nations

International Women’s Day presentation by Judith Cunningham


Amira Al-agher and Kate Unsworth, former MCI students, talked about how they will promote Montessori’s vision of the child as an agent of change following their recent qualifications

As a part of our centenary celebrations, we will also be hosting a number of events aimed to increase awareness of the Montessori method, including the Chelsea Flower Show, first ever Montessori UK at the QEII Centre and the fundraising dinner at the Savoy.