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Michele Dows-Miller


2014 MCI Graduation ceremony and MEAB School Accreditation Awards

Montessori Centre International (MCI) celebrated its annual 2014 Graduation Ceremony and MEAB School Accreditation Awards on Friday 12 December from 6.30 – 9.00pm at The Institute of Education, London. Over 130 Montessori graduates received their awards from Lesley Joffick, Founder of the London Montessori Centre.

Penny Johns, Director of Studies at Montessori Centre International said, We were delighted to welcome Lesley Joffick to our ceremony. As founder of the London Montessori Centre – now Montessori Centre International –  Lesley understands just how dedicated our students are. Our experienced tutors work hard to ensure every Montessori student achieves their personal best.

Montessori Centre International trains over 500 students a year globally on their diploma, foundation degree and continued professional development courses.

2014 has been a landmark year for the Montessori training organisation. MCI celebrated the launch of its new Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Birth to Seven (Early Years Educator). MCI is currently the only Montessori training provider  to deliver an Early Years Educator qualification and a Higher education qualification with student finance available as well as tailor-made CPD for providers.

The development of interactive learning materials on MCI’s new virtual learning environment has created an international community of Montessori learners, communicating, reflecting and collaborating around the world.

The ceremony also recognises the achievements of the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB) schools with nine new schools receiving their awards on the night. MEAB is a quality assurance  scheme. MEAB’s mission is to acknowledge and support good, genuine Montessori practice, thereby promoting greater understanding among parents and the wider educational sector, of what constitutes best practice in Montessori settings.

There are now 177 MEAB schools. The accreditation ensures that these schools using the Montessori name offer the high quality education it stands for.

The scheme  will benefit children, parents, students and teachers who  will be reassured  that  a MEAB school fulfills the criteria of high quality Montessori provision. The proportion of Montessori Schools Association Members with MEAB accreditation is now approaching 26 per cent.

Michele Dows-Miller, Deputy Accreditation Officer says, It is a testament to all MEAB participants that the scheme is now beginning to be recognised as a benchmark, not only for good Montessori practice but for good early years practice as a whole. It is committed to continuing to improve practice for the benefit of all those involved with a setting children, parents, staff and students.