Why Study at MCI?

Montessori Centre International (MCI) has an international reputation for high quality training.

The international nature of Montessori education is reflected in our diverse study body studying worldwide with MCI.

MCI has developed a blended learning approach that combines face to face and online learning using our innovative Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which enables learners to communicate, reflect and collaborate, establishing an international community of Montessori learners fit for the 21st  century.  MCI is proud of the diversity of its students and our Access and Participation Statement 2018  outlines how MCI sets out to support a growing global community of students who can make a vital impact on the lives of children and their families.


A transformative, heartfelt learning process ..
– Brekke, former MCI student

Montessori principles inform and are translated into a student-centred approach to learning
–  QAA Review, 2013

Students were unreservedly positive about their experience at the college, both in terms of the academic courses they were following and in the quality of their pastoral care and welfare, which they felt to be exceptional.

School Inspection Service Report, 2014