Professional Placement: Diploma EYE

Diploma EYE students have 2  years to complete the course including the Professional Placement  of
400 hours  in a Professional Placement Approved Montessori setting.

When can I start my Placement?

Many students are combining work and study or may have childcare commitments, so often start the placement after the taught course. However it is possible to combine the taught course with the placement (after a minimum of 10 weeks) and some students find this works well for them.

The placement will be discussed with you at interview as it is the most flexible part of the course and needs to fit in with your own situation.

How many hours can I do per week?

If you are combining the timetabled course with professional placement we would recommend you do no more than 10-15 hours maximum spread over maybe 2 days or 3 mornings per week. You will be recording observations and reflections and will have placement-based assignments to work on which will need additional independent study time of approximately 6-10 hours per week.

If you decide to wait until you have completed the timetabled course before starting your professional placement we would recommend you consider between 15 and 25 hours per week. Much less than this and it can be difficult to establish a relationship with the children and staff. Much more could make it difficult to keep up with documenting your work and completing the assignments.

This will be discussed with you during interview.

Where can I do my Placement?

We would encourage to start to think about where you might want to do your placement before applying for the course, as you won t be able to complete the course without completing the placement.

Start by doing some independent research and consult our searchable map  of schools. Browse our registered settings map below. After locating a school you can then visit their website to look at the most recent Ofsted report or MEAB Accreditation report.

In some areas you will find there are lots of Montessori settings to choose from, but in other parts of the country you may not have quite so much choice.

Please bear in mind it is possible to have a Montessori school which doesn’t appear on the map below approved for placement by MCI (subject to meeting minimum criteria) by contacting the Professional Placement Coordinator.

To view a full screen version of this map, click here.

As this map is still in the process of being populated, if you know of a setting which you believe is placement approved but it does not appear on the map above, please contact to confirm the setting’s status.

Who will support me during my Placement?

We have a Professional Placement Coordinator who supports students with Professional Placement and who can help if you are having any difficulties.

You will also have the support of an MCI  Placement Tutor who will visit you twice during your  placement to observe your practice and give feedback. Your Placement Tutor will also have regular tutorials with you for guidance and support.

At the setting you be supervised by a  Placement Mentor who will be a senior member of staff who works alongside you on a regular basis and gives you weekly feedback.

What will I be doing during my Placement?

On placement you will start to put the theory and ideas into practice, working directly with children.

These are some of the things you will be doing:

  • Getting to know the children and becoming actively involved in the learning and teaching at the setting

  • Observing children work spontaneously with the materials and other practitioners working with children

  • Creating an ePortfolio to record your experiences

  • Writing reflections on your experiences

  • Implementing planned activities and responding spontaneously to children s interests

  • Writing a final reflective self-assessment of your practice