Professional Placement

The Professional Placement is an integral part of any practitioner s training where the theory and practice really come together, and is an essential requirement to your Montessori qualification.

The children are the best teachers and many students say they find this is the part of the course where they learn the most.

MCI has been supporting students on professional placements for many years and we have a database of MEAB Accredited or Professional Placement Approved schools for our students to choose from.

MCI students are supported by our Professional Placement Coordinator who is happy to respond to any queries you may have about this important part of your course.

Browse our map below for settings which have been approved for placement.

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Please contact should you have any queries regarding placement.

I am a rigorous scientific investigator. I dont teach anything to children  they teach me.

Maria Montessori

We benefit so much from having these students and usually employ them if they want to stay.

Montessori Manager, MEAB Conference 2016