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I started my working career in sales. I never felt satisfied or content with the sales environment and grew tired of chasing targets and filling in sales reports.

“I felt a pull to do something more fulfilling and thought of pursuing a career with the Met Police, but decided that it was not the right career for me.

“By this time, I had two children and my older daughter was in nursery. Experiencing the joy of becoming a father, and seeing their potential grow, I decided to follow in my Uncle s footsteps and study to become a teacher.

“I was looking into starting my PGCE when a family friend who owns and runs a Montessori nursery suggested I consider studying to become a Montessori Practitioner. The idea immediately resonated with me, and the more research I did about Maria Montessori and the Montessori method, the more I realised it was a philosophy I wanted to follow as a career.

“I have learnt so much and continue to learn from the amazing children every day. I am looking forward to long career as a Montessori Practitioner.





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I am a Londoner and discovered MCI when I researched teacher training courses to get into early years education. It was a career change as I had been working in retail for over four years. I had prior experience assisting 4-6 year olds tap, dance and drama.

“In 2014, my nephew was born and I felt that final push to retrain. As a dyslexic and someone with strong artistic interests, the freedom and respectful attitudes Maria Montessori fostered in terms of celebrating the individual child s own learning journey is something that inspired me. She considered every child as an individual learner, a sentiment I strongly support, and found missing in some of my main stream schooling experiences.

“It is my ambition to become an empathetic and responsive early years practitioner who holds Montessori key principles ever in mind.

“This is an intense course and a transformative, heartfelt learning process. The community feeling both online through the forums and the camaraderie between peers at college, together with the varied perspectives and infectious enthusiasm from the experienced tutors on hand, has been what s made this course so special.





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I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry but gave up my job to become a full time mother to my two children. When I started looking into preschools I visited a few but was unimpressed. However, the first time I stepped into a Montessori setting, I was struck by the atmosphere of calm concentration and a quiet buzz from children happily engaged in their activities. My daughters thrived in this favourable environment. One evening, the principal of the Montessori setting organised a parentsevening to demonstrate the materials and tell us more about the philosophy. I left thoroughly inspired and as soon as I got home immediately googled ‘Montessori teacher training’. The MCI website was the top hit and before long I started the course, attending one day a week.

“It was easy to fit the course requirements around my family life and the tutors were always supportive of my needs. I enjoyed using my brain again and learned so much that I could put to use in my parenting. Having children aged 3 and 5 meant that I could observe them and test the theories I had studied against their behaviours – fascinating.

“When I finish this theoretical part of the course I will be starting my teaching practice. I can t wait to learn from the experienced practitioners and, most importantly, to work with the children who of course are our best teachers.


Diploma & FdA



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I heard about Montessori and MCI when I found my wife was about to have our first baby. The more I thought I knew as a parent, the more I wanted to do the course.

“I was interested in training and always knew it would be at MCI. I was in a place where I had time to complete the diploma and so I took the challenge.

“I had not worked with children before. However, I do have a range of life skills, as I grew up with my extended family and we naturally looked after younger children.

“Who would have thought Montessori would be a life journey for me?

“Each time I pick up and read ‘The Absorbent Mind’, I grow and always take something new from what I have read.





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 I was formally a journalist. I then decided I wanted to train as a teacher, and was about to start my PGCE at the Institute of Education when I discovered I was pregnant. Since then I have had two children, who both attended Montessori nurseries. Seeing how they flourished inspired me to find out more. My children are still quite young, and as we all know children are tiring. The college and my fellow students are incredibly supportive and even when it s tough, it does feel achievable.

I dream of one day running my own children s centre offering support to mothers who are experiencing difficulties, whilst their children are given access to Montessori education, without money ever being a barrier.


Diploma & FdA



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While I was doing my Masters in Cellular and Molecular Biology in Sweden, I came across the Montessori philosophy through a friend who is a psychotherapist. Through her, I not only reflected on how crucial early childhood was to the development of each person, but it also helped me reflect upon my own journey as a child, and how much of who I am now was as a result of my experiences during those early years.

“I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and approach, and I enrolled for a part-time Montessori diploma (Level 4) with Montessori Centre International. The course covered the different areas of the Montessori curriculum and practice, Child development, Contemporary issues, Health and safety, and finally, 400 hours of teaching practice at a MEAB accredited pre-school.

“Soon I enrolled for the FdA Montessori Early Childhood Practice program with MCI (in partnership with the London Metropolitan University). I can t recommend this programme highly enough as it grew my perspective as a practitioner.

“This was one of the things that first attracted me to train with MCI.

“I currently work as a Montessori teacher and thoroughly enjoy what I do.


Diploma (Distance Learning)



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 I am very excited as I begin my Montessori journey . The distance learning option gives me the freedom and opportunity to balance my studies with family commitments. I can connect with like-minded students from around the world to pursue the EYE qualification.

“Having grown up as the oldest girl of many younger cousins, I spent much of my childhood playing school and have always dreamed of one day becoming a teacher. After university, I worked in the field of digital advertising as a Creative Planner. It was a rewarding and exciting career; however when I became a mother in 2010, I decided to take a career break and focus on motherhood and volunteer work.

“My acquaintance with the Montessori philosophy happened when I visited some local Montessori settings. I was completely in awe. I watched children freely and so calmly exploring their interests in an enriching and stimulating environment.

“Shortly after the visits, I started reading Maria Montessori s, ‘The Absorbent Mind’, which changed my own approach as a mother.

“I now feel so fortunate to be on this course of study. I will fulfil a lifelong dream.





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I have known about Montessori for many years, as my mother is the Directress of a Montessori Nursery School. From a young age I knew I wanted a career working with children but was unsure in what capacity. I embarked on a Bachelors degree in Psychology and spent a year on a student placement at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.

“I decided to further my qualifications through a PGCE in Primary Education and spent two years working as a Year 2 teacher at a local Primary School. However, I kept finding myself coming back to the words of Maria Montessori when planning lessons and activities: Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment, a concept which can be hard to achieve effectively with the constraints of the current state education system.

“Therefore, I decided to leave mainstream education and return to Montessori through the IMP course and I am currently working at a Montessori Nursery School. When I reflect on the year I have been working at the Montessori Nursery I have found that mainstream teaching requires the confidence to stand in front of a class and teach; however, Montessori requires the confidence to stand back and observe.

“The IMP course is a wonderful opportunity for professionals who wish to further their understanding of Montessori and enhance their practice. I am thoroughly enjoying the reading material. The online structure of the course means that I can access the materials anytime I wish and can work around my job.