Course Financing

Please  see the individual course pages for details of course fees, discounts and options to pay in installments.

Birts Bursary
Diploma EYE















Birts Bursary

One aspect of MSN’s public benefit is to widen participation to Montessori training. A number of discretionary awards for Birts Bursary are made annually and can range in value depending on defined need and competition for limited resources. Please note that only in very rare and exceptional circumstances will the Bursary cover full fees. 

Male Practitioner Bursary

The charity allocates an award to encourage more male applicants into early years training. MSN feels strongly that there is a need to have more male role models in Montessori settings and to balance the ratios in a predominantly female profession.

For more information about making an application for either bursary, click here.

Government loans from Student Finance England

For students to be able to apply Student Loan Company funding, they must be studying a designated course. Courses at Montessori Centre International are designated each year by the Department for Education. This course has been re-designated for the 2018-19 academic year and therefore eligible students can apply for student loan funding through the Student Loans Company.

The Office for Students is the new regulator for Higher Education, and is in the process of registering providers for 2019/20 onwards.

Tuition Fee Loan

Foundation Degree and Cert HE students can apply for a loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees, which will be paid directly to MCI. You will only pay the £100 registration fee up front. Once you leave your course, you’ll only repay when your income is above the repayment threshold. The current UK threshold is £25,000 a year, £2,083 a month or £480 a week. Check UCAS website for the latest information. 

Maintenance Loan

Full-time Foundation Degree and Cert HE students can apply for a loan to help with living costs such as food, travel and accommodation. How much you can borrow depends on where you live and study, and whether you are currently on welfare benefits. 

Supplementary Grants

The government also offer the following additional support:

  • Parent’s Learning Allowance

  • Adult Dependants Grant

  • Childcare Grant

  • Disabled Students Allowance

To find out more about Student Finance visit the SFE Student Finance Zone  

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