We are looking for a warm and experienced Montessori practitioner to join our Montessori accredited nursery school in Paddington. 

The chosen candidate will be working in a bilingual classroom with children from 3 to 5 years old. They will be expected to have an excellent knowledge of how to use the EYFS to plan for, and support the children’s development.

Candidate’s must be:

  • Montessori qualified.
  • A positive individual that loves working as a team.
  • Experience of working with children.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and command of either English or French.
  • Interpersonal skills.

Job description:

  • The quality of our nurseries depends on the quality of our staff. We strive for our nurseries to achieve the highest quality and professionalism.
  • You will be a key person for approximately 8-11 children per day, supervising children in their daily activities, organising and preparing activities and materials
  • Assisting with settling in new children following the Settling in Policy and guidelines contained in our Policies
  • Taking the children through the classroom materials
  • Planning for the key children in weekly planning meetings
  • Having responsibility for recording relevant information in relation to your assigned key children’s progress. A lot of the regular paperwork cannot be done whilst with the children, and may need to be competed at home. This includes:
  • Regular written observations for all your key children (and sometimes for other children)
  • Weekly planning for your key children
  • Weekly individual diaries for the parents for their key children (typed)
  • Termly Individual Learning Plans for their key children (typed)
  • Reports for the parents twice a year (typed)
  • Supervising children in their daily activities, organising and preparing art activities for the younger children as appropriate and as may be requested by the Manager
  • You will have shared responsibility for the Classroom & Daily Routine, for example:
  • Maintaining the prepared environment and ensuring that the Home Corner is regularly changed, cleaned and maintained, and that wall displays are updated.
  • Ensuring the children who need to go the bathroom are able to go
  • Helping at circle time
  • Ensuring the outside area is prepared as a learning environment with each of the areas of learning set up
  • Any other duties normally associated with a full day-care provision, including preparation and serving of snacks, any washing-up and kitchen duties that occur after snack and lunchtimes, supervising the children and ensuring their safety in their outside play, assisting with taking the children to off-site play or other facilities.
  • Take children to the park
  • We require all our teachers to work in partnership with parents, for example:
  • Informing parents in the evenings of what the individual children having been doing during each day
  • Informing parents about any accidents or temperatures their child has
  • Asking about each child’s interests and anything that they are doing at home to help with weekly planning
  • Attending parent evenings alongside the Manager to discuss progress with the parents.
  • Helping parents find clothes/items left at the nursery and helping with prams etc.
  • Ensuring safeguarding and children’s welfare:
  • Ensuring our safeguarding policy is followed. Our policy is never to have only one member of staff alone with the children in a room/space. Please ensure there are always two people in the room with children at all times, and that no mobile phones are used at any time.
  • Ensure that you continually assess risks so you can manage them
  • To ensure children’s allergies are accounted for, particularly at lunch times
  • Noticing any fevers or accidents and immediately notifying the nursery manager, deputy manager & room leader – and in some cases calling the parent to make them aware.

Benefits include:

  • 38 hours week.
  • 7 weeks paid holiday leave per year.
  • 5 days sick pay leave per year.
  • Free training.
  • Social events.

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: £23,000.00 to £24,000.00 /year