We require a qualified Montessori Directress as the main teacher in one of our classrooms. You will have responsibility for your own group of approximately ten key children (five in attendance at each session), planning interesting activities and outings for them and ensuring that they have an enjoyable and meaningful time at the school. You will need to follow both the Montessori curriculum and the EYFS and complete a learning journey for each of your key children.

The school is in a Victorian house, with seven classrooms. Each one has it’s own teacher and assistants to help out on each floor. We have visiting specialist teachers who come every day to teach dancing, drama, music, French, yoga, sports and gymnastics.

We run for three terms (38 weeks) and have a further nine weeks of creative holiday school. All the teachers have at 8 weeks holiday, set out as two weeks at Christmas, one week at Easter, two weeks in August and a further three weeks selected by the teacher throughout the year (during our holiday school periods). Our day runs from 8.15am until 4.30pm and teachers stay until 6.30pm on one or two evenings per week (more available by individual choice) to help run our after-school club.

We have a smart, professional dress code and you should have fluent spoken and written English.

The position will commence on the last working day of August 2019 and there will be a meeting held with the key childrens’ parents during the week of 8th July.