Teaching Duties & Responsibilities & Classroom Management:

·       To refine and execute the school curriculum in cooperation with your colleagues and academic team.

·       To create concrete and supportive learning tools as required to deliver your program to the highest of standard.

·       To prepare and maintain an orderly environment in which the furnishings and materials are complete, appealing and appropriate to the needs of the group.

·       To attend all staff meetings including monthly team planning meetings.

·       To create weekly and daily lesson plans which will outline the goals, content and support resources to be undertaken in your daily work with your pupils.•wéi suǒ yǒu gōng zuò rén yuán cān jiā huì yì, bāo kuò měi yuè xiǎo zǔ guī huà huì yì。
•yào chuàng jiàn měi zhōu hé měi rì kè chéng jì huà, jiāng gài shù de mù biāo, nèi róng hé zhī chí zī yuán, zài nín yǔ xué shēng de rì cháng gōng zuò kāi zhǎn。

·       To maintain current and accurate records of classroom attendance, children’s daily progress, attainment and achievement, through anecdotes, collections of children’s work for portfolio and individual assessment.

·       To monitor and liaise with all specialist teachers regarding the students’ progress.

·       To compile this knowledge in written format for the purpose of writing progress reports as set out by the school.

·       To conduct parent conferences and report verbally to parents regarding the progress of their child as set out by the school.

·       To attend and participate in all school wide functions, professional development workshops, Parent Orientation and Parent Education evenings.

·       To maintain discipline and manage your classroom in the manner set out by the school handbook, with absolute and utter total respect for the child at all times. 

·       To undertake other supervisory duties such as in the playground and lunchroom as set out by the school.

·       To participate in any in-service education programs conducted by the school each year.

·       To participate in the observation of other classrooms, attend seminars and advanced coursework where possible.

·       To lead one after school activity per term each year at no additional compensation.


·       Native English Speaker: USA, CANADA, UK, SOUTH AFRICA or AUSTRALIA , effective communicator

·       Montessori qualifications or related Montessori experience would be valued. Montessori training will be provided if necessary.

·       Early childhood education/elementary teaching certification from North America, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, or United Kingdom

·       BA degree with 5+ years teaching experience at least

·       Enthusiastic, outgoing nature

·       Ability to embrace a team teaching concept

·       Ability to work in a team

·       Enthusiasm for new cultures and experiences

·       Creative problem solving skills

·       Flexibility

Salary is commensurate with experience.  Benefits package includes a monthly housing allowance, annual air ticket allowance.  Worldwide Medical Health Insurance is included, excluding USA coverage.  School will sponsor a “Z” visa for successful candidates.  All international and local holidays with pay.