Kate Addison

Head of Finance

After completing her MSci in Chemical Physics at the University of Bristol, Kate decided that finance might be more useful than quantum mechanics to everyday life, so she joined KPMG to train as a chartered accountant in financial services audit. Then, from a technical accounting role in a large life insurance company, she moved to gradually more commercial positions in the educational software sector.

Her most recent role was heading up the Financial Planning and Analysis function at Bristol Energy, a start-up electricity and gas supply company set up by Bristol City Council with three main objectives: creating financial value for the Council, environmental benefit, and social good.

Between office jobs, Kate spent three years sailing round the world as crew on award-winning sail training ship Picton Castle, offering adventure travel and sail training to an international, intergenerational crew. She will gladly share salty stories with anyone who might be willing to listen.

The search for meaningful work took Kate to Rwanda, where she volunteered for a short time as a consultant accountant at One Acre Fund, a large international NGO working with smallholder farmers across East Africa. And then to London and the Montessori Group, where she is delighted to have joined the team at such an exciting and inspirational time.