Daniel Cayford

Research Coordinator

Daniel Cayford studied BSc Philosophy and Economics at the LSE. Having become fascinated in the topic of wellbeing, his final dissertation explored how policymakers can create tangible ways of thinking about, measuring and prioritising wellbeing and the concept of happiness. Daniel spent an additional year with the university as an elected representative for both LSE’s Students’ Union and Court of Governors. Here he was able to trial elements of this wellbeing research and build great contacts within this academic field, as well as in the wider education sector.

On realising the important and essential role Early Years education plays in the shaping of a life – from core motor skills to mental resilience, Daniel sought experience with Montessori St Nicholas.

Now, as Research Coordinator, Daniel helps the organisation with:

– Understanding the Montessori local and global community, this includes work with YouGov.

– Staying up to date with research relating to educational best practice, new advancements, and important political and economic considerations.

– Exploring and identifying potential for organisational growth.

Between August to November 2019, Daniel is working on secondment for Finding The Answers. This is a collaboration project hoping to improve the wellbeing of school-aged children in Scotland.