Stebbing Primary School, Dunmow, Essex

In 2007 Stebbing Primary School approached Montessori St Nicholas with a request for guidance in establishing a Montessori Reception class at this rural school in Essex. The intention was to build on the existing benefits of Montessori education provided by the Montessori nursery run by an education trust in the grounds of the school.

The request was granted, teachers were trained and equipment for the reception class purchased. The launch of the Montessori Reception class in September 2008 met the requests of parents for continuity in learning for their children who attended the nursery.

As Montessori pedagogy became established in Reception and year 1 and 2 of the school its reputation and children’s achievements improved. The small school has grown from 65 pupils to over 100 attending in 2016 with plans to expand. Over the years MSN has provided CPD training for staff and has contributed Montessori equipment to the school.

Like Gorton Mount, Stebbing Primary School continues its commitment to the Montessori ethos by participating in MEAB accreditation, with first accreditation awarded in 2010 and re-accreditation in 2014.


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