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Tara House Montessori

School details Contact details
MSA number: 2042   Nadia Ramsahoye
 07721 679 049
MSA region: London
Location address: Wilson Walk (Scout Hut)
Stamford Brook
Town: Chiswick
County: London
Postcode: W4 1TP
School phone number: 07721 679 049
School e-mail address:
Extra information
Date of last Ofsted inspection: 20/05/2014 MEAB accredited Date of 1st accreditation: 19/09/2008
Grade of last Ofsted inspection: good Date of current accreditation: 30/11/2013
Ofsted number EY462811 re-accredited
DCSF number: Download report
Age range of Montessori provision: 2 - 5 MCI Professional Placement MCI Professional Placement