Welcome to the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board site (MEAB)

Here you can find out more about our scheme, which aims to ensure that all MEAB accredited schools using the Montessori name offer high quality education and care to children. Here is a list of MEAB accredited schools. 

MEAB was introduced in 2007 by the Montessori St Nicholas Charity. The scheme was developed with the assistance of the British Accreditation Council and Independent Schools Inspectorate. During the academic year 2010-11 our assessors undertook training with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.

The accreditation process looks at how a setting delivers Montessori principles through its daily practice. MEAB reports are available on this website and should be read alongside the school’s Ofsted report which covers statutory compliance in England. Relevant national regulations should be considered for schools operating outside England.

There are many benefits of accreditation for Montessori schools and for their teachers, prospective parents and of course the children who attend.

First MEAB Awards held at Marlborough House on Friday 22 June 2018

If you would like to register your interest in MEAB please contact

Michele Dows-Miller on meab@montessori.org.uk

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